If you need any help with the Pedigree Expert (PEX) software, you’ll probably find the answer here:

You do not need to install any software!  You can run PEX from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and any operating system (MS Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux).  Just open the internet browser and navigate to My Pedigree Expert.

You must first create a free user account.  If you have any questions about your account or the license plans, continue on the FAQ page.

When you add a new animal to the database, you must select the mother and the father, in order for PEX to create the pedigree. PEX uses the relationships to automatically generate the pedigree 3 or 4 levels upwards.

The power of PEX is that you can link your animal to other animals in the database that are not yours.  That saves you a lot of time with creating the mother and the father, and all generations above.  It also ensures that all information about the mother and father, and the levels above, is kept updated by the owner.

In the event that the owner of the mother or father is not using the PEX software, you can add the mother and father to the database yourself.  In this scenario, leave the Current Owner field empty.

All users can add animals to the database.  When you add or edit an animal, the Animal ID must be unique.

When you are the owner of an animal in the database, you can:

  • edit the animal properties
  • delete the animal, unless it is used as mother/father (sir/dam) of another animal
  • print the Pedigree, Data Sheet and Display Sheet

Other users of the software cannot edit or delete your animals, and cannot print any documents.

Other users can do the following with your animals:

  • view the animal details (on screen, no printing)
  • select your animal as the mother/father (sir/dam) for their animal

As explained in the section here above “How does Pedigree Expert work?“, the PEX software runs on a shared database.  It is therefor possible that your animal was already added by another user of the software.

As a general rule, anyone using PEX should not claim ownership of an animal that is not owned.

When you have ownership on an animal in the database, other users cannot change the properties of that animal.  The animal remains locked, as long as you have a paid subscription to PEX. Others can claim ownership immediately after your subscription expires.

When an animal in the database is yours, but ownership is assigned to another user of PEX, you can click the “Claim Ownership” button in the animal details.  If the other party is no longer an active user of PEX, the animal will be assigned to you straight away.  If the other party is using PEX with an active subscription, you must contact the party yourself.

Please notice that our team cannot intervene in any discussions about animal ownership.  Please do not contact Support for these matters.  If you cannot come to an agreement with the other party, the only solution is to manually add the same animal in the database with an extra symbol behind the Animal ID, e.g.  BE123456* or BE-123456 or similar.

PEX generates documents as PDF file.  You can select paper size DIN A4 or US Letter on the My Settings page.

If you continue to having issues with printer margins, verify the properties of your printer driver.  You find more information in Adobe Help.